Surf Film Nacht Kiel: Church of the Open Sky & The Outrider

Surf Film Nacht Kiel: Church of the Open Sky & The Outrider
Dienstag | 13. März 2018 | 20:30 Uhr

Nouvague presents an explosive double feature for our Surf Film Nacht spring tour march/ april 2018:

THE CHURCH OF THE OPEN SKY (AU, 2017, Regie: Nathan Oldfield. 55 Min.) + THE OUTRIDER (UK, 2018. Regie: Jeremy Joyce. 25 Min)

Info and dates coming soon:

THE OUTRIDER is the follow-up to the amazing mockumentary FREEZING. This time, the british directors tell the hilarious story of North Shore shaper Mike Strident, who shaped the most radical board ever ridden – „The Outrider“. Strident’s single fin design changed the game and took him to the very pinnacle of professional wave riding. But then he was made irrelevant over night by the three-fin movement. Strident’s genius was forgotten. But 40 years later, Californian free surfer, Tommy Tonata discovers the last remaining „Outrider“ and tries to revive the design. Strident is forced back into the surfing limelight – there are talk show meltdowns, Karate fights in the shaping bay and some shit hot single-fin surfing action.

THE CHURCH OF THE OPEN SKY is the latest feature length release from award winning independent Australian filmmaker Nathan Oldfield.

Shot on location in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka, the film features Dave Rastovich, Lauren Lindsey Hill, Tom Wegener, Belinda Baggs, CJ Nelson, Alex Knost, Johnny Abegg, Neal Purchase Jr, Jasson Salisbury, Devon Howard and many others.

‚The Church of the Open Sky‘ is a luscious visual love poem that explores gratefully lived surfing journeys. It is a sea soaked celebration of the exquisite preciousness of being alive.